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Our Services

We are a premium Wealth Management service that provides a superior client experience. Backed by National Bank Financial we focus on tax-efficient, diversified portfolios.


With our diverse knowledge and accreditation, we are certain we can help you achieve your financial goals.

Portfolio Management

Our portfolio management services are based on rigorous research and consistent macroeconomic monitors.


We have the track record to prove that a diligent active management approach can outperform a traditional investment approach.


  • Understanding you and your unique situation
  • Identifying your financial priorities
  • Gathering documentation


  • Develop Personalized Financial Action Plan based on your priorities
  • Investment Portfolio Review
  • Implementation and transition schedule


  • Initiate the financial Action Plan
  • Consolidate accounts and Transition the Investment Portfolio


  • Monitor Progres of the Financial Action Plan
  • Actively manage the Investment Portfolio
  • Help you navigate your options during your relationship with our team
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Financial Planning

We will ask you all the important questions and provide the most efficient and individual solutions to your life situation. 

1. Where are you right now?

2. Where do you want to go?

3. How do you want to get there?

Growth of your investments
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Tax Planning

We are actively using Insurance and Tax Planning in our client's portfolios to utilize all tools that are available to Canadian Investors.

Insurance as an investment presentation
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Banking Services

  • Private Banking services

  • Checking & Savings account

  • Debit & Credit Cards

  • Mortgage assistance

  • Loans & Line of Credits

  • Group RRSP programs

We are helping our clients to reach their financial goals by providing following Banking services:​

Get Your Personalized Quote

Please tell us something more about you and we will create a right-suited portfolio just for you!

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