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NBF Online - Online Login Changes

You can now connect to our NBF online platform with your email instead of your 8-digit code. Your email user ID will be valid for all National Bank (NBC) online platforms.

Switching from User ID to email address

Follow the guide here for step-by-step instructions to make the switch to an email user ID.

Switching to email user ID
Download PDF • 509KB

Multi-factor authentication

In addition, the login process for our platform is evolving to enhance your security with multi-factor authentication using a validation code via text or email. An example of this can be viewed here.

Multi Factor Authenication
Download PDF • 273KB

How to reset your password

Once you have changed to an email user ID and you need to reset your password, click below for further instructions.

Reset Password
Download PDF • 703KB

Need help with our online service?

Please contact Angel at 604-643-2865 or Rosa at 604-643-2869 from our team or the National Bank technical support team at 514-871-2470 or 1-888-751-1220 from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (ET).

- Your Creed Capital Management Team

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