Jeff Rivett

Portfolio Manager, CFA, CIM

Jeff started his career in wealth management in 2007 where he joined Brett Creed in building their business. Moving in 2012 from a global wealth management firm to National Bank Financial he has continued to work with successful families, business owners, pension funds and foundations.


He earned a BA from SFU and went on to become a Chartered Investment Manager and a Chartered Financial Analyst charter holder. This designation is considered the pinnacle of knowledge and expertise for the investment industry.


Jeff is a key part of the Creed Group providing our clients with tax efficient portfolio construction and ongoing portfolio management focusing on downside protection and capital preservation.


He grew up in White Rock and received a scholarship for college football in Tennessee. He later returned to Vancouver via Calgary and now resides in White Rock with his wife and three kids.


What is a Chartered Financial Analyst® professional?

The Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) is a prestigious certification credential offered worldwide to experienced financial and investment professionals. It’s granted through the CFA Institute, which is a global professional association consisting of over 100,000 finance gurus across 135 countries.


Becoming a CFA certifies that financial analysts have the in-depth knowledge of investments and securities necessary to add value to their organization and the greater economy. The CFA is one of the world’s most highly regarded credentials for enhancing credibility in finance. 

What is a Chartered Investment Manager® professional?

 The CIM® is the industry standard for discretionary investment and portfolio management services. It ensures that financial professionals have the knowledge and skills to evaluate and manage all aspects of a client's investment portfolio. It is recognized by Canadian securities regulators and ensures that those who earn it are qualified to evaluate and manage all aspects of a client's investment portfolio. 


Achieving and maintaining the CIM® designation demonstrates the proficiency and adherence to professional standards that enables the professional to become registered with the applicable provincial securities commission as a Portfolio Manager, Advising Representative or an Associate Advising Representative or to be able to conduct discretionary portfolio management services for clients with an IIROC member firm.