Creed Capital Management Group

We are a premium Wealth Management service that provides a superior client experience. Backed by National Bank Financial we focus on tax-efficient, diversified portfolios.


With our diverse knowledge and accreditation, we are certain we can help you achieve your financial goals.


  • Private banking services

  • Home mortgage financing

  • Business loans

  • Secured mortgages

  • Credit lines

  • Consumer loans


  • Asset protection planning

  • Insurance planning

  • Home/Tenant insurance reviews

  • Trust & Estate planning

Financial Services



  • Business financing

  • Group RRSP/Employee Benefits

  • Account consolidation

  • Divestitures

  • Secured acquisition financing

  • Coordination with accountants/lawyers

  • Liquidity event planning

  • Succession planning


  • Budgeting

  • Cash management

  • Family budgeting and finance

  • Organizing finances

  • Post secondary education planning

  • Stock option strategies

  • Tax planning

  • Trustee services

  • Healthcare planning

  • Property mangement

  • Buying/Leasing Automobiles

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Investment Methodology

Our portfolio management services are based on rigorous research and consistent macroeconomic monitors. We have the track record to prove that a diligent active management approach can outperform a traditional investment approach.

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Our Value Proposition

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Creed Capital Management Group

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Tiered Household Pricing

$0 - $250,000


$250K - $500,000


$500K - $1,000,000


$1M - $2.5M



HNW Pricing

No trade fees

We don't charge you transaction fees to buy and sell securities

No transaction fees

There are no fees for depositing or withdrawing from your non registered accounts