Market Update - January 2020

Good afternoon, Markets continued to rise for the first month of 2020 (continuing the outstanding 2019 upward trend). Much of the continuing optimism is based around some assurance from the US Federal Reserve that interest rates will stay low this year. There is a long history of rising interest rates leading to the end of strong equity market uptrend cycles. As our chief strategist points out below: As you can see above, when the blue line has increased historically (central bank interest rates), grey vertical bars tend to follow (recessions). With rates in decline, this gives some hope for the current market uptrend to continue (at least for the foreseeable future). Major news trends in

Market Update - December 2019

Welcome to 2020! At the beginning of the new year, we take time to reflect on the past year and anticipate the ever-changing global landscape ahead of us. In a year that started in the wake of a ~20% correction with fearful investor sentiment, media outlets proclaiming the next bear market was upon us and a full on trade war between the United States and multiple nations, the correct mindset was to be “Be greedy, when others are fearful.” (Our discretionary accounts benefited from this mindset by having an increased exposure to the stock market.) And whether you felt the effects or not, it turns out the Canadian dollar was the best-performing major currency of 2019! The strong Canadian doll

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