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Thinking about your money, so you don't have to.

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Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager
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Transparency, Accessibility and Integrity

We believe it should be easy to view investment holdings, review your portfolio transactions and understand the cost of our services. Our online access and monthly reports through National Bank Financial make this possible. With online access via your computer or mobile device, detailed information about your portfolio is available 24 hours a day.

Accounts to Achieve Your Goals

When you open a new account with us, we build a model portfolio based on your risk and investment goals to keep you in line with your financial plan.

Non-Registered Accounts

Individual Accounts

Cash or Margin account that individuals use to build long-term wealth together with their retirement accounts

Corporate Accounts

Cash or Margin account for companies to use to build long-term wealth or ongoing business asset growth

Joint Account

Cash or Margin account to invest assets shared between your spouse or other individual in one account

Trust Account

Protect and invest the assets in preparation for passing them to the next family generation

Registered Accounts


Contributions receive immediate tax benefits and while sheltering earnings/growth from taxes until you withdraw


Consolidate one or multiple pensions/locked in plans from previous employers into a single account


Contributions and earnings in this account grow and are withdrawn tax-free


Contributions into this account are complimented by government grants to be used for higher education


A long-term savings plan with matching grants from the government to help those with disabilities


Provides greater opportunities than an RRSP for business owners.

Giving you the benefits of diversification

A careful balance of diversification is used in each of our model portfolios. Constant rebalancing is key to reaching your financial goals and objectives. We are able to tap into overlooked and inaccessible parts of the investment world that are not available to the individual investor.

Tiered Household Pricing

$0 - $250,000

$250K - $500,000



No trade fees

We don't charge you transaction fees to buy and sell securities

$500K - $1,000,000

$1M - $2.5M




HNW Pricing

No transaction fees

There are no fees for depositing or withdrawing from your non registered accounts